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Empower Your Business with AI-Driven Health Innovation

Discover a cutting-edge era in computer vision and text analysis for skincare, pharma, and digital health.

Woman looking at her phone scanning her face using AI to detect skin parameters through skin analysis.

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Cultivating Engagement

80% of customers expect personalized interactions for deeper connections.


User engagement requires engaging digital experiences.


Data-driven personalization of offers boosts revenue by 40%.


A fast and personalized after-sales experience is the basis for retention.

Medical Skincare, Beauty and OTC
Dermatological Analysis

Rethink Skin, Hair and Beauty Experiences

Our AI-powered dermatological analysis solution is designed to revolutionize the cosmetic, skin care, pharma, and digital health industries.

A woman with skin pattern overlay for beauty skin facial analysis.
Telemedicine and Digital Health
Triaging and Customer Support Automations

Streamline Telehealth with Smart Triage Solutions

Thea's smart triaging system for telemedicine revolutionizes patient care. Our AI-based solutions efficiently prioritize and route patients, ensuring timely and accurate diagnoses.

A telemedicine female doctor working on patient cases asynchronously assisted by AI triage.
Digitally-enhanced Infield Sales Solutions

Modernize Pharma Marketing & Sales

Discover our solutions designed to optimize the marketing and sales process and refresh pharma field sales and drive revenue growth.

A male pharma sales with an iPad selling to a female pharmacist using an AI visualizer for the products.

Increase Efficiency and Retention in Health

Screenshots of a custom UI for AI skin analysis.

Boost customer engagement for 40% more sales

Thea's client-focused solutions leverage cutting-edge AI to streamline medical services. This not only increases efficiency but also ensures unparalleled accuracy in patient care.

Screenshots of a UI showing results of an AI skin analysis with cosmetic skincare product recommendations.

Elevate customer retention by 60% with personalized experiences

Our AI-powered solutions enable healthcare professionals to make informed decisions by providing valuable insights and analysis.

Screenshot of a UI showing an AI triage system that automatically classifies patient request intent and priority.

Halve medical customer service response time

We help your in-house processes to be efficient. We enable organizations to allocate resources effectively, enhancing medical services and improving patient outcomes.

Transforming the Medical, Health, and Beauty Industry with AI Solutions

At Thea, we offer a range of innovative solutions to enhance sales and customer experience in the health, pharma and beauty industry.

A collage of skin diseases ranging from nail fungus to psoriasis and acne to neurodermitis.

Medical skin analysis

For dermatology, skincare we provide a unique range of indication specific algorithms for acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis and nail diseases.

Screenshots of AI skin and hair analysis.

Cosmetic skin and hair analysis

For skin, hair and beauty products, consumers are overwhelmed with options. Thea is providing interactive image and text processing solutions for a variety of specialized use cases.

Transforming In-house processes with AI Solutions

Thea provides AI-based smart triaging for telemedicine and solutions for pharma field sales.

A male teledoctor working with an AI triage system to quickly reply to patient requests.

Telehealth request triage

For telemedicine providers with high patient volume, it is crucial to understand and prioritize the message intent. We use generative AI to increase efficiency of telemedicine teams.

An in-field pharma sales rep giving a workshop using AI.

Pharma field sales solutions

Pharma field sales to doctors and pharmacies needs a refreshing take. We provide next-level digital workshop solutions for dermatological product showcases.

Experience 10x Customer Engagement

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